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Susannah, a white homebirth midwife, is passionate about her work. She has no intention of exchanging her career for motherhood, yet work arrives much faster than she was anticipating when she receives a visit from McKayla Robbins, a high profile, black actress who is heavily pregnant. On the night of McKayla’s birth, Susannah rushes to the scene, unaware that in the aftermath she will be forced to confront her unacknowledged biases and how they affect her cherished relationships with her patients, her husband, and her baby daughter.

Honorary Mention, Jane Chambers Award for Feminist Playwriting, 2020

Semi-Finalist, O'Neill Center, National Playwrights Conference, 2020


Medical resident Rose lives her life as an anchoress, stuck in a hospital with little life of her own. She meets Hasan, an actor and patient with a mysterious illness, and it is as if they have known one another forever. And maybe they have. As Rose tries to heal Hasan's illness through medicine, he tries to heal her solitude through poetry and friendship.

Finalist, Jane Chambers Award for Feminist Playwriting, 2021

Semi-Finalist, O'Neill Center, National Playwrights Conference, 2021

Of Love & Lox

Harold, Asher, and Ezra are closing up shop at the appetizing store on the LES where they all work. But tonight, the second Wednesday of the bimonthly rotation IF it doesn't fall on a Wednesday, is a special night as Harold is expecting a special after hours guest and a night that will change his life forever.

The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, 2023

Sketches of Danae

Jane tries to steal a book from her local library. Aubrey catches her. In the ensuing conversations, Aubrey begrudgingly helps Jane think through her many questions of gender and sexuality.

Best Script, Bartell Theatre Awards, 2019 

Best Short, Bartell Theatre Awards, 2019

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